Fiduciary services

As a small or medium-sized business, you are in the best of hands with a partner-led company.


With its comprehensive support, Testaris is the ideal partner for SMEs.


The high level of professionalism that also embraces more complex questions creates trust.


Thanks to many years of international experience Testaris is an attractive alternative to the Big Four.

About Us

We are an independent partner-led auditing and consultancy company. Our skilled senior team is made up of qualified auditors, tax specialists and fiduciary experts. 

Testaris was established in March 2017 by auditors with national and international experience. The company has a qualified independent Board of Directors as well as an active Advisory Board, comprising professionally experienced and well-networked personalities. As a member of Nexia International, we can also support our clients with any cross-border and international challenges that they face. This constellation allows us to generate maximum added value for our clients.

Thanks to our specialists in the fields of auditing, tax advice and fiduciary services, we are the right partners for SMEs as well as for the Swiss subsidiaries of foreign companies. This also means we are an attractive alternative to the many small and medium-sized providers and to the Big Four.


Drawing on their professionalism, commitment and long-term mindset, our seasoned specialists deliver auditing, tax consultancy and fiduciary expertise to our clients.


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